Drastic Andrew

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Andrew MacLauchlan (guitar/vocals) | Mathiew McClinton (bass) | Justin Lindsey (guitars) | Kevin Zornig (keys) | Ron Crowder (percussion)
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The Band

Drastic Andrew is a five piece progressive rock band in Santa Fe New Mexico. Formed in 2011, the band performs regionally in the southwest’s lively bars, brewpubs and performance spaces.

Led by Andrew MacLauchlan, the quintet nail their colours to the mast with a collection of songs that delve into various themes, from social injustice and the environment, to love and relationships and personal/universal struggle.

2016 New Mexico Music Awards Best Video

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23 Mar
Santa Fe, NM
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06 Jun
Santa Fe, NM
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Email Andrew at: a.v.maclauchlan@gmail.com